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Rowland Ward Fair Chase Outfitters at Dallas Safari Club Convention 2020

Rowland Ward is very proud of our Rowland Ward Fair Chase Outfitters. When you hunt with a RW Fair Chase Outfitter, you are assured you are hunting with a consummate professional, one who is among the best of the best. If you are attending the DSC Convention stop by and visit these excellent Outfitters.

Aru Safaris - Booth #2926

Makadi Safaris - Booth #3132

Marromeu Safaris - Booth #3745

Michel Mantheakis Safaris - Booth #2015

Wintershoek Safaris - Booth #3322

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Rowland Ward LTD. helps preserve and increase the habitat of (large) fauna worldwide by supporting sustainable fair-chase hunting, which, in turn directly benefits the local indigenous people of the areas involved. 

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