Method Forms

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Method 1-a

Rocky Mountain Elk, Roosevelt Elk, Tule Elk

Method 1-b

Asian Red Deer and Maral

Method 1-c 

European Red Deer

Method 1-d 

White-tailed Deer (all varieties including Coues deer)

Method 1-e 

Mule Deer, Sitka Deer, and Black-tailed Deer

Method 1-f 

Deer with 3×3 or 4×4 Typical Frames:  Axis or Chital, Bawean, Calamian, Hog, Rusa, Sambar, Sika, and Visayn

Method 1-g 

Asian and European Roe Deer

Method 1-h 

Deer without Crowning:  Bararsingha or Swamp Deer, Eld’s Deer, Huemul Deer, Marsh Deer, Pampas Deer, Schomburgk’s Deer, and White-lipped Deer

Method 1-i 

Pere David Deer

Method 1-j 

Brocket Deer Muntjac, Pudu, Tufted Deer

Method 2

Caribou and Reindeer

Method 3 

European and Persian Fallow Deer

Method 4-a

Giant Deer (Irish Elk) and Palmated Moose

Method 4-b

 Nonpalmated Moose

Method 5 

Pigs and Hippopotami

Method 6 

Walrus, Water Deer, Musk Deer, Mouse Deer or Chevrotain

Method 7-b 

Chamois, Feral Goats, Gorals, Pasangs/Bezoars, Rocky Mountain Goats, Serows, Spanish Ibexes, Tahrs,  True Ibexes, Western and Central Turs

Method 7-c 

Aoudad, Bharal (Blue sheep), and Eastern Turs

Method 8

African Spiral-horned Antelopes  (Giant Eland, Typical Eland, Bongo, Sitatunga, Bushbuck, Typical Nyala, Mountain Nyala, Greater Kudu, Lesser Kudu); Addax, Blackbuck)

Method 9


Method 10

American, Asian, and European Wild Cattle

Method 11 


Method 12-a

Cape, Central African, and Nile Buffaloes

Method 12-b

Dwarf Forest and West African Forest Buffaloes

Method 13-a 

All Wildebeests or Gnus (EXCEPT Black Wildebeest) and All Takins.

Method 13-b 

Black Wildebeest (White-tailed Gnu)

Method 14 

Wild Sheep (Except Barbary Sheep, Tur, and Bharal — see 7-c)

Method 15 


Method 16 

Rhinoceros, African and Asian

Method 17 


Method 18

All Skulls:  African Wild Cats; African Civet; Bears; Black-Backed Jackal; Caracal; Cheetah; Chevrotain; Golden Jackal; Hyenas; Javelina (Peccaries); Leopard; Lion; Mouse Deer; Serval; Side-Stripped Jackal

Method 7-a 

All African Antelopes and Gazelles with Simple, Nonspiraled Horns (EXCEPT Addax, Wildebeest, and Gnus): Damaliscs, Forest and Bush Duikers; Dwarf Antelopes; Gazelles; All Hartebeests; Impalas; Kobs; Lechwes; Oryxes and Gemsboks; Reedbucks; Rheboks; Roans and Sables; Waterbucks; All Asian Antelopes (EXCEPT Blackbuck):  Gazelles; Four-Horned Antelopes; Arabian oryx, Nilgai; Saiga; Saola.

Method 19 

Crocodile and Alligators

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