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About the Guild

About The Guild of Field Sportsmen

To hunt is a privilege not a right. The Rowland Ward Guild of Field Sportsmen brings together likeminded field sportsmen who believe in maintaining and upholding a Code of Conduct in Field Sports, who hope to encourage and actively guide and teach the youth, who regard as a priority the improvement of the environment and who want to conduct the sport with great care and consideration in order to preserve the sport for those that follow.

A guild to belong to and be proud of.

Over the years, Rowland Ward has had many requests from sportsmen who would like to belong to the organisation. Now you have the opportunity to join this prestigious group of sportsmen.

Membership to Rowland Ward ’s Guild of Field Sportsmen, which was started by Robin Halse, G.A.Sparks and Stephen Smith some years ago, is now open to all sportsmen who subscribe to its conduct, aims and objectives.

Aims and objectives

To maintain, uphold and propogate by example a Code of Conduct in Field Sports which has been handed down over many generations.

To actively encourage, guide and teach the youth interested in field sports in the knowledge that they, the sportsmen of the future, will carry on the tradition.

To regard as a priority the conservation and improvement of the environment by both fellow sportsmen and owners of the land and make every effort to influence both the public and the authorities in these matters.

To conduct the sport with great care and consideration in order to preserve the sport for those that follow.

The Guild of Field Sportsmen

The interpretation and implementation of a Code of Conduct and the standards a Sportsman sets will depend on each individual Sportsman’s conscientious behaviour, and whilst many traditional manners must be upheld, many present day practices should be examined and evaluated. Above all it must be accepted that it is a privilege to hunt, not a right. To this end, therefore, the Guild considers that certain broad rules governing the conduct of Field Sport should be observed, and that it is irrelevant whether some of these basic rules are, or are not legally applied by current laws of the land.


Code Of Conduct 

•  That at all times a Member will extend every courtesy, privilege and assistance to a fellow Field Sportsman.

•  That all hunting be conducted only during the hours of natural light.

•  That no creature be hunted for sport in an enclosed area of such size that such creature is not self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency includes the ability of the animal to exercise its natural inclination to escape from the hunter as well as catering for all its basic needs such as water, food, shelter and breeding.

•  That no shooting take place from, or within a short distance of a vehicle, nor the use of vehicles to drive game.

•  That no shooting take place from, or within a short distance of an aircraft.

•  That no aircraft be used to spot or drive game, nor the use of aircraft to land hunters within a short distance of game for the purpose of hunting the game so spotted.

•  That only hunting weapons of such power and calibre that are capable of killing game quickly and efficiently at practical ranges be employed.

•  That all forms of competition in the field between Sportsmen whilst hunting and fishing be avoided.

•  That no creature be killed for sport, that is deemed to be immature, breeding or dependant and cannot, by virtue of its trophy or flesh, be fully utilised.

•  That every effort is made to respect and safeguard the property of the landowner.

•  That a landowner-member extend every courtesy, comfort and assistance possible to a member who hunts or fishes on his property.

•  That a Professional Hunter/Guide-member makes sure that his clients understand and are fully aware of the Guild’s Code of Ethics and Standards that will be upheld during the course of any hunt.

•  That a sportsman respects with understanding, the attitudes, feelings and principles of those that do not engage in activities of Field Sport.

•  That a Sportsman should conduct his sport with due regard to his own physical capabilities, recognise his limitiations and responsibility to his companions or assistants.

•  The Guild recognises that ’culling’, ’cropping’, ’trapping’, ’capture’ and vermin control are a necessary part of game management as long as they are conducted with consideration and humane treatment of the wildlife involved. However, at no time can these activities be regarded in the context of Field Sports.

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