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In this overview of the shotgun, David Baker looks at all aspects of British gunmaking and the ammunition available for these guns. There are 160 photographs. An excellent reference work with colour photographs.

Author: David Baker
Nowhere in the world was the shotgun a more important indicator of style, class, and social standing than in Great Britain at the turn of the twentieth century. British craftsmen brought forth the finest guns ever made, and to this day they set the tone for quality in shotgun making.

In this overview of the shotgun, author David Baker looks at all these aspects as well as the ammunition available for these guns as he examines the Heyday of the Shotgun. An elaborate appendix lists the gunmakers of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales in business in 1900. Over 160 photographs show images taken at the time, advertisements published during the period, and modern photos of guns that have survived till today. Many of the photos show guns wholly or partially stripped down to promote a wider understanding of the quality and skills that were needed to produce them.

Author: David Baker

Binding, Size & Pages: 156pp, Colour and B & W photographs, Hardcover with dust jacket, 156 pages
Date Published: 2000
ISBN 1-57157-200-7
Published By: Safari Press
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