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Follow the causes of the greatest destruction of wildlife this country has ever seen and then see how people rallied to protect our wildlife legacy. Discover the facts to help you make sound decisions about our wildlife and their future conservation, how thousands of outdoors people like you are keeping wild animals plentiful in our country and how you can do even more to ensure this great heritage.  
Using stunning wildlife and habitat footage filmed by the award winning production team, as well as archival photos, The South African Conservation Success Story drives home how politicians and private citizens fought side by side to ensure we all can enjoy the natural riches of our country. The narators of this documentary are: Peter Flack (also the producer) - a lawyer, businessman, conservationist and retired game rancher Shane Mahoney - a Canadian wildlife biologist, writer and researcher Dr David Mabunda - CEO of SA National Parks.

Duration: Part One 40 min Part Two 40 min
Produced by: Peter Flack Productions
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