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THE BRITISH SHOTGUN - Volume Three 1891 - 2011  

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The third and final volume that completes the trilogy of the renowned British Shotgun series covers the years 1891 till 2011. It is meant as a tribute to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the British gun trade. This highly regarded series grew out of the vision of the authors to write a complete story of the evolution of the British shotgun. This important work includes many previously unrecorded designs and artifacts. For example, nowhere else in print is to be found the whole story of the single trigger, the over-and-under gun, the cheap single barrel, or the classic side-by-side gun. This series has it all.  

Author: Crudgington, Ian & Baker, David
Binding, size & pages: 2011 London, 320pp, color and B&W photos, hardcover with dust jacket
Date published: 2011
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