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This book follows the development of the sporting shotgun from 1787 to the present day. It contains all the information regarding the evolution of side-by-sides, over and unders, repeaters and automatics, ballistics and shooting laws.

Author: Robin Marshall-Ball
The history of the sporting shotgun began with Henry Nock's patent in 1787 and Robin Marshall-Ball's completely revised second edition of his classic work follows its development to the present day.

This is a book on working guns for the average shooting public and it is crammed with invaluable information on the evolution of the modern shotgun, side-by-sides, over and unders, repeaters and automatics, the workings of a shotgun, ballistics, shooting in Britain and overseas, shooting law, and much, much more. This is a must-have book for every shooting enthusiast and is a companion to the acclaimed The Sporting Rifle

Author: Robin Marshall-Ball

Binding, Size & Pages: 100 colour photographs and line drawings, 208 pages
Date Published: 2003
ISBN 1-904057-08-X
Published By: Swan Hill Press
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